Common areas

Spaces that invite you to feel at home

A bar, a library with magazines, yoga kits, a co-working space and a small spa for maximum relaxation…

Various spaces to either socialize, dive into a book or relax after a day of sport.

The atmosphere of a guest house – casual and based on trust

Play’n’Stay is at the heart of the hotel

Use it as a meeting point or a place to socialize. Come here for breakfast and stay for a drink at the fireplace. Or nestle into a nook inside the library to study, then order the daily menu prepared especially for you…

Honesty Bar

Snacks and beverages are available to guests at all times – honor system or bar service (wine, beer, cocktails, tapas, snacks).

Magazine Library

A selection of magazines featuring reports and light fiction.


A dedicated space for a fulfilling wellness experience (on reservation).

Yoga on Demand

Yoga mats, foam rollers, massage oils and other accessories are available on request.

At the Carina,
you can sleep with open windows

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